Giulliano Lopresti

Business Entrepreneur, Mexico

Giulliano is a Mexican businessman and activist. He has a bachelor’s degree in International Business and a master’s degree in Economics and Business, both from Universidad Anáhuac. In 2013 he finished a specialty in Entrepreneurship and Senior Management at the Harvard Business School. He is a participant in the “Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry of the Iacocca Institute of Lehigh University, in Pennsylvania, an institution for which he continues to collaborate by teaching entrepreneurship courses and recruiting candidates in Mexico.

In the business field, Giulliano has participated in the development and implementation of more than 35 business initiatives that have ranged from restaurants to the importation of wines, leathers, Italian products, real estate, e-commerce, and consulting.

From civil society, for more than 14 years Giulliano has participated in the creation and direction of initiatives to fight crime, promote citizenship, create conditions to promote social enterprises, and to build entrepreneurial ecosystems that break down barriers to business entry and that allow increasing entrepreneurial activity in Mexico.